What is Thriving in Scrubs?

Thriving in Scrubs is a podcast series that comes from our research into how physicians develop resilience. We learned that resilience grows as doctors in training grapple with challenges and make connections between their professional aspirations and their personal values, deepening their engagement with the work as they find their identity in the work and… Continue reading What is Thriving in Scrubs?


Episode 2.5: Finding Meaning in Medicine

Doctors and medical trainees often refers to their careers in medicine as a "calling." But when everyday life challenges this calling, how do those in the medical community continue to find meaning and inspiration in work? Jenny, an internal medicine resident, shares her story of finding and rediscovering meaning in medicine. https://open.spotify.com/episode/0i6SXTVFvZBnj0wLxziGeZ?si=YqwLe3KWR8GJ485i8qiBBg