What is Thriving in Scrubs?

Thriving in Scrubs is a podcast series that comes from our research into how physicians develop resilience. We learned that resilience grows as doctors in training grapple with challenges and make connections between their professional aspirations and their personal values, deepening their engagement with the work as they find their identity in the work and… Continue reading What is Thriving in Scrubs?

Episode 3.6: Perspective on the Journey

The path through medical training and practice can be winding, but we try to remain connected to our goals and values on the horizon. What happens as we evolve, and our perspective changes? We speak with Effie, an emergency physician, about how her engagement with her work changed as her career evolved. https://open.spotify.com/episode/4Tt8xKpXfskomPaTA9RUnW?si=NcqeCvYFSEmFOBgKFcwO9A Guest: Dr.… Continue reading Episode 3.6: Perspective on the Journey

Episode 3.3: Values Clash

Doctors are often called to medicine as a way to express their personal values with their work. We talk about medicine a calling based on improving the lives of others. Nicole, a urogynecologist with an MBA and experience in different health delivery systems talks with us about those times when the business of medicine clashes… Continue reading Episode 3.3: Values Clash