What is Thriving in Scrubs?

Thriving in Scrubs is a podcast series that comes from our research into how physicians develop resilience. We learned that resilience grows as doctors in training grapple with challenges and make connections between their professional aspirations and their personal values, deepening their engagement with the work as they find their identity in the work and their connections to colleagues and patients. When participants in our research heard each other’s stories, they found comfort in learning that about the vulnerability they shared with their colleagues.

Thriving in Scrubs aims to explore, recognize, and appreciate the stories of healthcare practitioners. By sharing these audio stories, we hope to build community, diminish isolation, and provide insight (and entertainment!) to the greater medical community. This project is was started through an Arnold P. Gold Foundation Mapping the Landscape Advocacy Grant and is supported by the New York University Grossman School of Medicine Institute for Innovations in Medical Education.

Or Listen on iTunes here

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